Meet our Team

Image previewDr. Kelechi Uwaezuoke, UCSF LCOE Faculty, SFSU SF BUILD Laison

Mentor. Master Encourager. Slayer of Toxic Thoughts. Student Whisperer. Professional Atmosphere Changer. These are but a few of the everyday superpowers Dr. Kelechi Uwaezuoke uses in her journey to Disrupt Inadequate Status Quos’ contributing to health inequities and the lack of representation in the health and STEM workforce. In her role as co-lead for the UCSF LCOE APP Program at SFSU,  Dr. Kelechi serves as a mentor and advisor and leads a 6 session summer workshop series that walks scholars through the process of exploring their personal narrative, overcoming Imposter Syndrome, the power of vulnerability and facing your fears as a tool for building self-agency and advocacy as they navigate their journey into the medical profession. When asked to share a bit about her experience with APP she shared the following insights: “Working with APP affords me the opportunity to engage in my life’s work of mentoring, advising, equipping and supporting students who have been historically under-represented and face institutional and societal barriers to success. Despite these challenges, and against all odds, our APP scholars persist in ways that are nothing short of inspirational. The exposure, support, and community they contribute to and receive during the program serve as stepping stones that help them navigate the often rocky pathways to the career of their dreams. It’s hard to identify a single reason, but one of the things I enjoy most about being a part of the APP family is the sense of solidarity, and strength and having a front-row seat to the transformations that occur from the time we meet during interviews to the end of the summer and beyond. On a calendar it’s only “6 weeks” but in the scope of shifted mindsets and belief in oneself, it’s a timeless and priceless experience for our scholars and for the future of medicine and healthcare!”

Dr. Tomás Magaña, UCSF LCOE Faculty, Founder and Director of FACES

Tomás A. Magaña, MD, MA, FAAP is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF School of Medicine, and Founder and Director of FACES. He is a leading expert in the design and implementation of health workforce pipeline programs for youth. Dr. Magaña is a board-certified pediatrician with clinical expertise in the care of vulnerable children and adolescents, including those impacted by the juvenile justice and foster care systems, immigration, and community violence. Dr. Magaña is a member of the LCOE Administrative Core Faculty and is the Director of the LCOE Aspiring Physicians Program at SFSU.