PROF-PATH 2019 Scholars

Arun Burra

Project Title: When Patients Demean Clinicians Because of Social Bias: A Survey of Internal Medicine and Family Medicine Residents

Ramon Bustos

Project Title: Music Listening Habits and Hearing Thresholds in Cochlear Implant Users ​

Elodia Caballero

Project Title:The Impact of Fear of Discovery on Latinx Immigrant Families and Children's Utilization of Healthcare Services


Luis Carrete

Project Title: Exploring meningeal ZIC1-4 RNA as a potential biomarker in the setting of mild traumatic brain injury​

​Jackie Castellanos

Project Title: California's public university students' needs and preferences for medication abortion: A qualitative study

​Maria Castro

Project Title: Understanding the influence of molecular subtype on long-term clinical outcomes of pediatric medulloblastoma after high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant.


​Andrew Gomez

Project Title: Utilizing fibro/adipogenic progenitor cells to improve muscle regeneration after massive injury

​Nazineen Kandahari

Project Title: Digital Testimony: A colorectal-cancer screening promotion tool made by and for church-attending Latinos

​Yiran Liu

Project Title: Wasted Dollars, Wasted Labor: A quantitative and qualitative probe into the cost of racism to the city of San Francisco and the SF Department of Public Health



Miguel Nunez 

Project Title: eCNTFR-Fc as a Therapeutic for KRAS mutant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer​

India Perez-Urbana

Project Title: A blueprint for pain and substance use disorder curricula across University of California undergraduate medical school programs

Diane Qi

 Project Title: Experiences of Cantonese Speaking Chinese American Patients with Integrative Nutritional Counseling to Improve Diabetes Self-Management


Francesco Sergi

Project Title: Illicit filler use, hormone use, and health complications among trans Latinas in the San Francisco Bay Area

Danielle Vazquez

Project Title: Uncovering Barriers to Sustainable Weight Loss for Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients: Systematic Review and Generation of Focus Group Questions

Michelle Tong

Project Title: Whole Person Care: Assessing Homelessness Status and Mortality within an Integrated Data System