Key Initiatives

Improving Access to and Quality of Care

A multi-pronged approach to ensuring quality healthcare for Latinx populations now and in the future

In addition to the LCOE program offerings, the following key initiatives will be an ongoing priority of the center:

UCSF Curriculum Enhancement

Improving the care of Latinx and underrepresented patients starts with changes to the medical school curriculum. This initiative advances health equity within the School of Medicine (SOM) by reviewing and improving curriculum content that focuses on the care of underserved populations, and particularly Latinx communities. The initiative is headed up by Dr. Alejandra Rincón, LCOE Curriculum Lead.

Language Access in the Health Care Setting

UCSF staff, students, residents, and faculty work in one of the most ethnically diverse cities of the world. The UCSF LCOE is working with hospital leadership at the main UCSF-affiliated health systems to ensure that best practices around language access are implemented fully. Additionally, the LCOE provides leadership in research and medical education to address the range of issues posed by language barriers in health care. 

State-level Workforce Development

Building off the recent California Future Health Workforce Commission Recommendations released in February 2019, the LCOE is looking at ways in which it can use its work and collective knowledge and expertise to inform policies and initiatives related to workforce development at the state level. 

DACA Student Support

In alignment with the UC system, the LCOE is committed to protecting DACA students’ access to educational opportunities. LCOE faculty and staff actively support the work of the UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach for DACA students.