CMB: Clínica Martín-Baró

CMB is a student-run clinic in San Francisco Cultural District “Calle 24” in the heart of the Mission neighborhood. The clinic was established in 2007 by UCSF medical students to help address the medical needs of the predominantly uninsured Latinx day laborers in the Mission District.

CMB provides an ideal setting for multi-directional mentoring. Every year, nearly 50 Latinx and other URM SFSU premedical students work alongside UCSF students and faculty, who serve as career role models and mentors. UCSF LCOE has developed and implemented the CMB Medical Case Conferences, post clinic conferences on relevant medical and psychosocial issues.

The UCSF LCOE and CMB also work to implement lessons on cultural humility and working with specific vulnerable populations for both premed and medical school students. This is a partnership between UCSF LCOE and SFSU. Clínica is entirely student-run under the guidance of Founding Faculty Advisor Professor Felix Kury and in collaboration with UCSF LCOE faculty Dr. Manuel Tapia and Dr. Alma Martinez.

*Please note that FCM 184 is a required course to volunteer at CMB.

For more information on CMB please visit our website or Blogspot.


Madison Rodriguez, Research Analyst
Email: [email protected]

2019 CMB Retreat Participants and Leadership
CMB retreat at the UCSF Faculty Alumni House on March 23, 2019.