State-level Workforce Development

The LCOE has been working on partnership development at the local, regional and state level to insure sustained accountability and progress towards recommendations outlined in the California Future Health Workforce Commission Report. Additionally, we have been looking to accelerate exchange of knowledge and lessons learned as it relates to pathway programming, and have been working to identify those research questions that will help us move the needle forward towards realizing a healthcare workforce that is more reflective of California’s diversity. In the past year we:

  • Partnered with our sister COE’s at Stanford School of Medicine, UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare and UC San Diego School of Medicine to form the California Consortium of Centers of Excellence in Latinx Health
  • Joined the California Primary Care Association Health Workforce Policy Coalition to better understand the health care workforce landscape and breadth of related workforce activities occurring throughout the state.
  • Engaged in discussions with UCSF PRIME-US and SJV PRIME leadership on how to better align messaging to educate key decision makers about workforce challenges
  • Initiated the development of preliminary proposal that will further our knowledge about the state of the art for undergraduate, pre-medical advising.
  • Appointed several new members to our Internal/External Advisory Council that provide unique expertise in community engagement, workforce development and government relations.

If you have any questions please contact Manuel Tapia MD, [email protected] or Francine Rios-Fetchko, [email protected].

Recovery with Limited Progress: Impact of California Proposition 209 on Racial/Ethnic Diversity of California Medical School Matriculants, 1990 to 2019

Proposition 209 prohibits the use of affirmative action – the practice of considering an individuals’ race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin – in public education, employment and contracting.

Author(s): Alana Pfeffinger, Alicia Fernández, Manuel Tapia, MD, Francine Rios-Fetchko, and Janet Coffman

Source: Healthforce Center at UCSF and UCSF Latinx Center of Excellence

Date: December 9, 2020