FUEGO: UCSF Faculty at UCSF Expanding Growth & Opportunities

The UCSF FUEGO (Faculty at UCSF Expanding Growth & Opportunities) program is a faculty/fellow development program that enhances UCSF’s ability to recruit, retain, and promote Latinx and other URM faculty and fellows. The program serves UCSF Watson Scholars/other URM fellows and junior faculty yearly. It consists of a one-year program composed of Five, Half-Day Careers-In-Progress sessions throughout the year.

The UCSF FUEGO program is led by UCSF LCOE faculty Dr. Alicia Fernández, Dr. Beth Harleman, and Dr. Meshell Johnson

For more information on FUEGO please contact:

Connie Calderon-Jensen, Associate Director
Email: [email protected] 

FUEGO Curriculum & Schedule 2022-2023

  • October 2022: Dinner reception with SOM Leadership & Watson Scholars
  • November 2022: Panel Discussion with former Watson Scholars
  • December 2022: Planning Your Academic Career
  • January 2023: Gauging and Considering Opportunities
  • February 2023: Academic Promotion
  • March 2023: Mentoring and Being Mentored
  • April 2023: Inclusive Leadership
  • May 2023: Personal Finance for Academics
  • June 2023: Reflecting on Year 1 of being a Watson Scholar


Click here to read more about the UCSF John A. Watson Faculty Scholars. 

The application will be posted when available.