PROF-PATH 2020 Scholars

Jay Bindman

Project Title: Non-binary Patien(ce): A qualitative
study of experiences in healthcare
for gender non-conforming peoples

James Cevallos

Project Title: MYB-NF1B / MYBL1-NF1B Gene
Fusions as a Source of Neo-antigens
in Salivary Gland Adenoid Cystic

Cameron Hicks

Project Title: The Interactive Effect of Everyday
Discrimination and Sleep
Disturbance on Ideal Cardiovascular
Health in Older Women by Race and Ethnicity

Hoskote Mekhala

Project Title: Understanding how family size and
composition affects uptake of the
Earned Income Tax Credit: a mixed-
methods analysis of barriers and
facilitators to participation

Marycon Jiro

Project Title: Eye Health Knowledge, Attitudes,
and Care Seeking Practices among
Filipino-Americans in San Francisco

Dahlia Kaki

Project Title: A Comparative Analysis of Access to
Healthcare for Undocumented
Migrants in Spain, Italy, and the
United States

Emily Kelly

Project Title: Comparative Performance of
Serological Tests for Trypanosoma

Mary Theresa Ochi

Project Title: The Impact of the Arts (Song and
Dance) as a Tool for Disease
Management among Older Adults of

Robert Ososio

Project Title: Pituitary Surgery Pre-op Symptoms Relative to Insurance Status and Estimated Income


Shyam Patel

Project Title: The SIREN Accountable Health
Communities screening tool multi-
site study

Jared Peralta

 Project Title: Cold Pressor Testing in an Opioid
Treatment Program

Fatuma Ayaan-Rinderknecht

 Project Title: Assessing Disparities and Identifying Barriers to Care among Hidradenitis
Suppurativa patients.

Hope Schwartz

Project Title: The Effect of Limited English
Proficiency on Post-Injury Pain
Measurement and Management in a
Large Urban Trauma Center

Samantha Sechrist

Project Title: Building the Pipeline: Preparing
disadvantaged students for careers in
medicine and addressing the
healthcare needs of low-income
communities of California

Nate Swetlitz

Project Title: Structural and attitudinal barriers to
help-seeking for non-white middle-
aged men presenting with depression
in primary care settings