PROF-PATH 2022 Scholars

Antonio Diaz

Project Title: A comparison of Vivid Vision Perimetry with traditional structure and function tests in a diverse, county hospital setting.

Yanel Hernandez

Project Title: Inflammatory Pathways as Predictors for Adipose Tissue Fibrosis and Type 2 Diabetes in Treated HIV Infection 

Pablo Suarez

Project Title: Detecting language-based disparities in the perioperative pain assessment and management of adult patients undergoing nephrectomy


Leonardo Garcia

Project Title: Designing and Studying Novel Tools for Clinicians to Discuss Immigration for Resource Referral

Samantha Rivas

Project Title: (Under)documentation of Patients’ Social Needs in Clinical Notes: Comparing Documentation Rates to Ground Truth Prevalence of Social Needs

Alejandro Lopez

Project Title: Buried Penis and Sexual Function Among Men Undergoing Weight Loss Surgery: A Longitudinal Retrospective Cohort Study


Elizabeth Hoang

Project Title: The Spectrum & Impact of Visual Impairment & Ocular Pathology in a Homeless & Housing Insecure Population

Rafael Lopez

Project Title: Synergistic effect of blood pressure lowering and ACE-i in the lowering of proteinuria

Chika Ihenakwe

Project Title: Impact of Covid-19 on Financial Toxicity among caregivers of children with pediatric cancer


Yensy Zetino

Project Title: Qualitative Study of the Fuerte Program for Newcomer Immigrant Youth (Fuerte)

Tomas Alamin

Project Title: Does POCUS Augment the Ottawa Ankle Rules in Rural Environments and with Adolescent Patients?