The LCOE APP at Fresno State

The UCSF LCOE Aspiring Physicians Program (APP) at Fresno State is a six-week intensive summer program where students participate in medical school preparatory workshops, collaborate with local community-based organizations to create research-driven fact sheets, engage in intensive health policy workshops, introductory MCAT preparation, and partake in mentorship aimed at building their exposure, access and confidence in attaining a career in medicine. All students selected will receive a $2,000 stipend during the six-week summer program. The academic year provides mentorship activities, professional development seminars, and medical school readiness workshops. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities will remain virtual until further notice.

The program is led by UCSF LCOE faculty Dr. Katherine Flores, director of the UCSF Fresno Latino Center for Medical Education and Research (LaCMER).

For more information on UCSF Fresno LCOE Aspiring Physicians Program, please contact:

Yoselin G Castillo, Research Analyst
Email: [email protected]

Curriculum & Schedule

The 2022-2023 program is a six-week summer program beginning on June 6 - July 15, 2022.

  • Introduction to health policy and writing fact sheets
  • Work with local community-based organizations
  • Introductory MCAT preparation
  • How to prepare medical school application and statement of purpose
  • Guest speakers and medical school panelists


  • I am a full-time Fresno State Undergraduate Student
  • I identify as Hispanic/Latinx (which is underrepresented in medicine), or two or more races/ethnicities when one is Hispanic/Latinx
  • I plan to apply to medical school
  • I can commit a minimum of one academic year to the program. I understand this includes a six-week summer program
  • I have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • I am a US Citizen, US Permanent Resident, or DACA status

* Eligibility requirements are dictated by federal HRSA funding for this program.

APP Informational Webinar 11/8/2021

CLICK HERE for Webinar Recording 



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