Overdose Awareness Day: Meet our Addiction Care Team at ZSFG

For more than 150 years, ZSFG has been a frontline responder to public health crises.

Now, during a national opioid and addiction crisis with people dying daily of a preventable drug-related deaths and increasing alcohol-related deaths, our Addiction Care Team (ACT) services are vital. ACT links our patients to community services as part of San Francisco's treatment network while also contributing to national solutions to our addiction epidemic.

Many patients at ZSFG have a substance use disorder. Since 2019, the Addiction Care Team has worked with over 15,000 patients to provide the care they need. Our hospital pharmacists, navigators, clinicians, and nurses are on site every day to work with patients in the Emergency Department and hospital to provide care and meet them where they are. ACT and collaborators offer substance use services, including harm reduction, evidence-based treatment, and linkage to care. Thank you to this vital team for providing care, compassion, and consideration to the community.